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Bois & Bar Talk

Jul 28, 2021

Today, on the sixth episode of Bois & Bar Talk Season 4, we are drinking Golden Messenger by Hog River Brewing out of Hartford, CT. It's the first time that we tried Hog River out as we don't know much about the brewery.

Golden Messenger is a K├Âlsch-style ale. We've been on a kick with German beers this season. It has a 4.8% ABV and has a lighter style. This beer has German-style hops, malt, and has a balanced taste.

This one had mixed ratings between the two of us. Kev wasn't much of a fan and would rather have a Bud Light if he was going for a light beer. Rob enjoyed the citrus/pineapple hints of flavor and like how it tasted for such a light drink. You can also find Golden Messenger for pretty cheap. The four-pack costed around $9.