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Bois & Bar Talk

Mar 24, 2021

Today, on the 19th episode of Bois & Bar Talk we are drinking Ice Cream Man by Backeast Brewing Company. We’ll call this part 2 since we originally had this drink during season 1 (for all you long-time listeners out there).

Ice Cream Man is an IPA brewed with citra hops out of Bloomfield, CT. It pours a nice hazy orange color similar to orange juice in a glass. The aroma is ripe and fruity meant to resemble a creamsicle, but you can also taste the sweet citrus hops off the bat. 

Overall, we think it's a special drink that is still pretty limited over here in Connecticut. Anytime we see it on tap, at local bars, or on sale in the store it's delightful to see. Almost always worth a buy just to stash it at least. It holds up well when it comes to drinking again as we don’t really get sick of the flavor over time.

How we rated Ice Cream Man

  • Rob’s Rating: 8.5/10
  • Kev’s Rating: 8.6/10

Ice Cream Man Show Notes

We kick off the show reminding everyone to check out the website to check out all of our episode posts. We do show notes and ratings for every beer and every episode.

During Ice Cream Man II, we kicked off the episode doing our typical rating and review of this sweet IPA. We followed by talking about the current state of the United States and how vaccines may impact us in the future. Will we be restricted if we aren’t vaccinated? Cruise Lines are already making requirements that include a vaccination in order to board. 

Kev brought up a random would you rather on the fly. Would you rather know when you are going to die or how? It’s a tough question actually uncomfortable to think about! Rob revealed that he could hardly tie his shoes, and we jumped to the astounding process of tattooing nipples. We wrap up the show with how you dry your hands in public bathrooms and then, somehow, we got to sweatpants, dick prints, and perfect position penis days! The beauty of improv is you truly never know where the show will go.

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