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Bois & Bar Talk

Mar 2, 2021

Today on the 16th episode of Bois & Bar Talk we are drinking Julius (Our 4th Treehouse beer this season).

The first thing we discussed was the comparison to King Julius which we did earlier in the season and what was the actual difference between the two. A source on made it pretty simple by just explaining that King Julius was just a double IPA version of Julius. King Julius is 8.2% while Julius is only 6.4%. describes Julius as an IPA "bursting with fresh hand selected American hops. Julius is a bright, juicy beer filled with flavors and aromas of mango, peach, passionfruit, and a melange of citrus juice. A soft, pillowy mouthfeel and rounded bitterness ensure it will never tire the palate. Loaded with immense flavors as a result of years of focused brewing application and judicious use of the freshest hand selected hops, Julius is a delicious Tree House IPA that is a true joy to drink time and time again".

The Bois couldn't get enough of it...

How we rated Julius

  • Rob’s Rating: 9.6/10
  • Kev’s Rating: 9.7/10

Julius Show Notes

We kick off the show reminding everyone to check out the website to check out all of our episode posts. We do show notes and ratings for every beer and every episode.

Following that we get into Minimum Wage and whether it should be raised or not, but also we try to keep an open mind to other solutions and not getting tunnel vision on just one. Then we go into the "College Experience". Is the experience of college worth more than the education itself?

Somehow we circled into roundabouts (no pun intended) and driving in general. Shoutout to all the safe drivers that are annoyed with the ignorant ones!

Finally the episode ends with Kev talking about the Saw movie series. He explains the worst test he has seen while rewatching all seven movies. So, you're welcome for all the nightmares!

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