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Bois & Bar Talk

Jun 23, 2020

On episode 19 of the Bois & Bar Talk podcast, the Drink of the Week is Supernaut by New England Brewing Co. out of Woodbridge, Connecticut. According to beeradvocate, this American IPA scored a 96 out of 100. It has a 5.8% ABV has a fruity flavor with hints of pineapple and mixed berries. We could taste the Mosaic hops and bitterness, but it was also a crisp drink to have. Supernaut has a golden color with a large white head and pours nice.

Preparations for episodes during hot days in June usually include running a large fan in our small recording studio cooling down as much as possible. Once the fan is off and we hit record, it feels as if we are on the clock before sweat begins. It feels like an oven slowly preheating until after our 30 minute episode when we are tapped out from pure heat.

Typically, we don't have a direction with our crammed episodes. We kicked off talking about how people sun bathe as a hobby at the expense of their health and without proper hydration. Somehow this turned into a conversation about eggs and dipping sauces.

Surprisingly, we haven't talked about our stock trading addictions on the show. We ranted about the thrill of penny stocks and the mental stress that it brings. After that, we mentioned pests like fruit flies and mosquitos up north, compared to lizards in the south. Not to mention, northern people move much faster than anybody in the south.

Lastly, Rob talked about his weekend Florida trip and what it was like to board a plane with COVID-19 rules. The mask rules nowadays are definitely confusing to follow for every different place.

Yeah we know, our episodes are all over the place man.

Anyways, if you like this episode feel free to check out the previous one on Bois & Bar Talk.