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Bois & Bar Talk

May 5, 2020

Episode 15 Featuring Teremana on Bois & Bar Talk Podcast

We are drinking the newly released "Teremana" tequila from Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock for the Drink of the Week. Join us in this episode for some good laughs and insightful conversation.

According to Teremana has notes of bright citrus with a smooth, fresh finish that we both agreed was an accurate description of this tequila.

Occasionally, we take a break from beer and enjoy some liquor like tequila or a fine wine while it is safe to say, we really enjoyed this one.

Nobody wins like The Rock. He can run for president if he wants to. He has charisma like no other person. It is no surprise to see The Rock tackling the liquor industry and starting off strong with Teremana Tequila.

We got into one of Kev's rants early in the show. An unknown suspect struck Kev's parked car on his own street. Kev was frustrated when he realized how time consuming an accident report is. Kev's misfortune doesn't stop there. For instance, rats have invested the basement and recording studio. In addition, the rats have been stealing Kev's sunflower seeds and a half dozen of the rodents were found behind studio equipment. Luckily they did not do any damage to wires which they are notorious for doing. We will be recording rat free from now on heading into the home stretch of season 2.

We point out our own mistakes on this episode. Kev is trying to cut back on cursing. Similarly, Rob is trying to reduce phrases like "you know", "like", and "um" which we proved to be difficult when overthought. Bois & Bar Talk is actually a half hour long run on sentence.

We celebrate Rob's 26th birthday. Kev had some interview style questions to ask about Rob's life. As we started to run low on time we did lightning round questions! Where do you imagine yourself at 30? What is your favorite food? What is your favorite quarantine memory? Many other questions asked. It's cool to reflect on life and just be happy to be here.

Cheers everyone,

Bois & Bar Talk

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