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Bois & Bar Talk

Feb 17, 2021

Drink Of The Week

Today on the 15th episode of season 3 we are drinking Very Hazy from the infamous Treehouse Brewing Co. out of Charlton, Mass.

Very Hazy, on, is described as:

"Very Hazy is a Double IPA designed to push the flavor profile of Haze to the limit of hop saturation and intensity while never becoming abrasive or burdensome to the palate.

In spite of an enormous hop dose in both the kettle and dry hop, Very Hazy morphs into a beer that is somehow softer and more well rounded than its double IPA counterpart.

We taste and smell peach rings, orange juice, and tropical fruit bubblegum yeast esters enveloped by a velvety, smooth body. This is a double IPA we find pleasurable to drink by the glass - it improves and evolves as it is allow to warm and aerate in your tulip."

How We Rated Very Hazy

  • Rob’s Rating: 8.4/10
  • Kev’s Rating: 7.9/10

Very Hazy Show Notes

The Bois skipped right over discussing Very Hazy and got right into it this episode! After a two week hiatus Rob & Kev explain the reason(s) for the gap in episodes. Rob kicks off the episode with a gripe with Mcdonalds. When did they change the price of a Mcdouble to $3!

Why are people mad at Brady for getting drunk because he won his seventh Super Bowl? Get a life and let the man live. Following that, we talk about actually documenting our life progress with the podcast and what will we say about our hangovers at 35.

Do you think the mob has taken precautions to protect "the boss" from Covid-19? I could see Pauly not allowing anyone to come close to tony without a mask. You have to protect the head of the family!

Finally, they finish off the episode talking about online dating and being completely unfocused and lazy about it. Kev one time asked a girl to go out with him and after she agreed, he decided to bail because she lived too far away.

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