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Bois & Bar Talk

Aug 27, 2019

The #DrinkofTheWeek is Jameson (with coffee too). We talk about video game manners, living off the grid, volcanos, and a video of a guy chopping bricks with his hands. Would you rather play all instruments beautifully or be able to speak every language fluently? (Thanks reddit). Enjoy!

Aug 20, 2019

The DrinkofTheWeek is Espolòn. We're happy to make it this far to episode 10! To celebrate we take 5 shots each and dedicate this episode to fan questions and subjects. Listen to us talk about survival, swiss army knives, mental awareness, ADHD, where we would hide a house key, Roombas, and plenty other topics packed...

Aug 6, 2019

The #DrinkofTheWeek is Super Double Citra by Thomas Hooker Brewery in Connecticut. We talk about the ocean, Drake, 90's cartoons, and decided to order a pizza on the air. Enjoy!