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Bois & Bar Talk

Mar 24, 2021

Today, on the 19th episode of Bois & Bar Talk we are drinking Ice Cream Man by Backeast Brewing Company. We’ll call this part 2 since we originally had this drink during season 1 (for all you long-time listeners out there).

Ice Cream Man is an IPA brewed with citra hops out of Bloomfield, CT. It pours a nice...

Mar 17, 2021

Today, on the 18th episode of Bois & Bar Talk we are drinking Guinness for the sake of St. Patricks day!

Guinness is a well-known beer, and is a staple of the world of stouts. There was really no other choice but to drink the Irish Guinness on this episode to be honest. Rob hasn't had Guinness in a long...

Mar 10, 2021

Today, on the 17th episode of Bois & Bar Talk we are drinking Rise by Whalers Brewing Company. 

Rise is an APA that packs its own unique flavor from Rhode Island. It pours in a white 12 oz can, featuring the signature whale on the front. The aroma is glassy and you can taste the sweet hops behind this APA. Rise...

Mar 2, 2021

Today on the 16th episode of Bois & Bar Talk we are drinking Julius (Our 4th Treehouse beer this season).

The first thing we discussed was the comparison to King Julius which we did earlier in the season and what was the actual difference between the two. A source on made it pretty simple by just...