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Bois & Bar Talk

May 26, 2020

Today, we drink Champion of the Sun by Labyrinth Brewing Company. On Episode 17 of Bois & Bar Talk, we are in the home stretch of season 2 that we will cap off at 20 episodes like last season.

The Drink of the Week on Bois & Bar Talk podcast is Champion of the Sun by Labyrinth Brewing

With a 6.8% ABV, Champion of the Sun is surprisingly light and sweet. This New England style IPA has a traditionally hazy look with a citrus refreshing flavor. As always, we love working with Labyrinth who generously donated some new beers for us to try.

First, we talked about clothes that just don't fit right. Sometimes a medium sized shirt could be too long, short, or has too much room on the collar. As we mature, we notice how our clothing preferences change over time. Back when we were in high school, cargo shorts were a go to and baggy clothes are simply not trending like they used to be.

We never really dress nicely for podcast episodes. Recording is all about comfort and plus it gets really hot when we record. At the end of the day, nothing is better than throwing on a regular white t shirt.

Its cool to see Avatar: The Last Airbender on Netflix. Revisiting one of our favorite childhood shows, is nostalgic and we pick up on things we normally wouldn't as a kid. Avatar has a pretty deep meaning behind episodes and it aged nicely.

Lastly, we talked about a parallel universe theory in which time travels backwards. While we are no scientists, we talk about the endless possibilities that the parallel universe theory offers. Rick & Morty does a great job of incorporating different universes in a hilarious fashion.

This led us to talk about whether we would rather visit the past or the future. We had different opinions on this one, but we definitely needed more than a 30 minute episode to get our points across.

Enjoy this episode of Bois & Bar Talk and feel free to check out the previous episode.

Cheers from the Bois!