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Bois & Bar Talk

Sep 10, 2020

After two months off, Bois & Bar Talk is finally here for season 3! Join us for episode one featuring the Drink of the Week - High Noon. During this episode, we introduce you to yet another new studio setup. We did this by turning the camera 180 degrees and basically flipped our whole studio around. We have a shelf in the back, so this season we will be collecting all of our "Drink of the Week" choices. The break was much needed, but we're excited to reconnect with you and get some good laughs this season.

High Noons are a pretty rare drink to find, at least where we are in Connecticut. They are another trendy seltzer drink, but High Noons are particular better than most. Directly from their website it describes High Noon as, "Made with real vodka, real juice, and sparkling water".

We had some fun getting back to Bois & Bar Talk and gave you a few updates on what we were doing this summer during our break. Kev's 26th birthday also just passed so Rob hit him with lightening questions to answer. Kev had the chance to reflect on what it means to be 26 years old.

For one of the improvements in season 3, we created a Patreon. With Patreon you can support us financially so we can at least break even on our expenses, expand faster, and keep exploring new drinks. We are offering some cool bonus content and features in return. We even plan on giving free hats to our supporters after a few months. Big shout out to Darren, Brooke, Mike, and Meg for being our first supporters!

Overall, we hope you enjoy this season 3 debut episode and it's always fun to be back.