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Bois & Bar Talk

Dec 24, 2020

Drink Of The Week

Today on the eleventh episode of Season 3 on the Bois & Bar Talk podcast, the Drink Of The Week is Ho Ho Hope For The Kids by CTs own Counterweight Brewing Co. out of Hamden, CT. describes this beer as a holiday spin on No Hope for the Kids. The biggest difference is a portion of the can sales will be donated to a different youth charity in New Haven each year! Dry hopped with a blend of Columbus, Mosaic, and Simcoe, this version lends bright grapefruit aromas with distinct stone fruit and pine flavors.

How We Rated Ho Ho Hope For The Kids

  • Rob’s Rating: 8.4/10
  • Kev’s Rating: 7.6/10

HH Hope For The Kids Show Notes

The Bois kick off the episode by discussing our favorite holidays. Rob with a solid pick of The 4th of July, while Kev went with the cliche Christmas. Following, we go in to the pressure of the holiday season all the way up until Valentines Day!

Next we go into our favorite Christmas memory as a child. It has to be about a gift right? Also has anyone ever mentioned the in between period being a young adult where nobody wants any gifts from you?" A very confusing time... The Bois wrap up the episode by discussing our favorite Christmas movies of all time.

PS. Any Charlie Brown holiday movie should be aired on TV every year for the rest of eternity. It should not be able to be monopolized to one streaming service its an absolute ABOMINATION!

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