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Bois & Bar Talk

Oct 7, 2020

The Drink of the Week

Today on the fourth episode of Season 3 on the Bois & Bar Talk podcast, the Drink of the Week is Passion Fruit Gose by Two Roads Brewing Co. According to Two Road's official website description, Passion Fruit Gose has, "A nose of BIG tropical fruit, the taste is of light wheat and a perfect harmony of tartness and sweet fruit". This unique ale is also brewed in their tanker truck trailer.

How We Rated Passion Fruit Gose

Both of us admitted we aren't experienced in the sour game of drinks although we want to break into them more. We agree that sours are an acquired taste but with a 5.2% ABV, it wasn't an overpowering ale. It was a drink different from what we were used to but wasn't too bitter on the back end. We both decided that we would drink it again.

Rob's Rating: 6.5/10
Kev's Rating: 6.7/10

Episode 4 Show Notes

We expanded on personalities from episode 3 after rating our drink. Both Rob and Kev took a personality test and actually had the same personality out of 16 types (ENFP). It's a personality type with vibrant energy and loves to find deeper meaning in just about anything. We both live a life without structure and do actions based on how we are feeling in the moment. We'll link the website where you can take the free test. You find out a lot about yourself.

We also touched on the process of manifestation and whether we think it's real or not. It's common for people to visualize what they want in life and claim it works. Overall we think simply writing down your goals is a powerful method of manifestation. Kev shared his take since he always writes and records music. Not only writing is powerful, but listening to his voice back through a song gives him a strong visualization of the things he wants in life.

Looking for More?

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