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Bois & Bar Talk

Jan 28, 2021

Drink Of The Week

Today on the 14th episode of season 3 we are drinking Second Hand brewed by Clocktown Brewing Company out of Thomaston, CT.

Second Hand is described on Clocktown's website as a straw-colored, hazy NEIPA with the juicy aromas and notes of citrus and tropical fruit. Bitterness is soft and plays in the background.

How We Rated Very Green

  • Rob’s Rating: 7.8/10
  • Kev’s Rating: 7.0/10

Second Hand Show Notes

After The Bois discussed Second Hand, Rob decided to pull up an article on The 50 States and what they're known for. Arkansas is literally known for Bill Clinton and Bill Clinton only, they got nothing going on.... Rob compares California to pinching off a poop, and Connecticut is pot hole central.

Do the great people of Idaho ever get tired of being known for potatoes? How good is "Deep Dish" pizza really? Iowa is mostly known for its cornfields, 2.5 Billion bushels of corn a year. How much is a bushel? What state do you think is most known for Nascar? Do people really refer to the "Ass" as a "Buttox"?

We finalize the episode with a speed round as we ran out of time per usual. Ending on the smelly state New Jersey. Of course we had to talk about the famous New Jersey sports teams and how much they all suck! Rob even mentions the Nets who are actually good now, probably due to the fact they are no longer in New Jersey.

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