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Bois & Bar Talk

Jan 18, 2021

Drink Of The Week

Today on the 13th episode of season 3 we are drinking Very Green by the notorious brewery TreeHouse Brewing Co. out of Charlton MA.

Very Green is described on as a Double IPA that is created with a massive kettle charge of Australian and American hops. It opens in the glass with huge notes of ripe pineapple, pithy citrus, and dank saturated hops. As it warms it shows its depth and complexity. . . Sweet hints of malt intermingle with straight Tropicana. It has a soft but pointed bitterness and a rich, velvety mouth feel.

How We Rated Very Green

  • Rob’s Rating: 9.4/10
  • Kev’s Rating: 9.1/10

Very Green Show Notes

The Bois start off the show discussing getting drunk and blacking out.... terrible time 0/10 recommend. We segue to going to the casino and gambling. Rob shares a story about his recent experience at the casino this past month (he fell asleep in a closet). Then we move on to the most coveted job in America, the "Bathroom Attendant". Mostly seen in upscale clubs and fancy restaurants the bathroom attendant is the most respected person in the venue.

Following that, we go into guys tanning and whether or not we should be tanning our entire bodies head to toe....Somehow we take a leap and get into Saints Row and the benefits of insurance fraud as a homeless person. Finally we finish up the episode actually discussing podcasts and whether or not we actually listen to them ourselves.

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