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Bois & Bar Talk

Apr 29, 2020

On Episode 14 we drink "OJ On Parole" made by Lock City Brewing Company out of Stamford, CT.

We talk about what we want to blog about with our new website Something we would like to write about is our infinite google loops that we get trapped in for hours. It would be cool to write about how one google search leads to another until it's 4 AM and you're wondering how did I get here?

We talked about cluttered emails and annoying newsletters that it seems like everybody markets today. You try to enter a website's homepage and immediately get bombarded with a sign up sheet. Where do you draw the line with ads?

That brought us into conversation about social media influencers. Are they actually genuine or even passionate about what they do? We live in a trend where anybody can have tens of thousands of followers. When you have this kind of exposure you can capitalize this into profit almost instantly selling products on your posts and stories.

Somewhere along the line we started talking about Coyote Peterson and his Youtube wilderness series. We wonder if this kind of stuff is real. The guy gets stung by killer wasps and gets bit by snakes. We even seen this guy get pinched by a giant lobster. Is it all for views or is he actually trying to educate people?